WordPress is a great platform for allowing anyone to upload and edit their own website content (and even its functionality!).

Did you know that WordPress now comprises more more than 20% of the web?

So what is WordPress? WordPress is a Content Management System or “CMS”, that started out as a humble, free blogging platform for doing personal publishing on the web back in early 2003 (when we were still using stone knives and bear skins). It was so elegantly designed, and so flexible, that it grew and evolved and morphed beyond anyone’s expectations, into the great website development system it is today. WordPress is used by a huge range of websites: everything from individual bloggers to government agencies and corporations (Sony Music, The New York Times, Coca Cola France, UPS, Forbes…). Some are even calling it a “web application development platform”!.

WordPress today has a huge and highly supportive user community. The powerful and diverse world that is WordPress continues to evolve ever better themes, plugins, and core software (yet more buzzwords!), gaining momentum. It is free and open-source, meaning the community that uses and loves it can improve it for real end-user needs and higher quality freely, rather than a corporate board or company controlling the development for it’s selfish ends. You can download it here.