Copywriting Services

“I Bring Out Your Best”

I write persuasive and clear copy. Its as simple as that. There’s nothing wrong with techniques, but they are mere scaffolding for the action!

Copywriting and website content for:

  • Marketing Copy
  • Technical Material (e.g., software manuals)
  • Copy editing for clarity of communication.

Samples are available here

The purpose of marketing copy is to convert readers to customers, helping grab interest and create a positive feeling toward the organization or individual and transacting with them. For technical and other writing, conveying ideas with clarity, conciseness and in an interesting and entertaining way (depending on purpose and audience) is key.

For marketing and advertising copy, of course you want to be as honest and factual as possible, while being focused at the same time on the psychological impact the copy will have. You must establish trust from the get go.
Having said that, the reality is that rationality is only the tip of the iceberg with human beings. We make decisions largely based on feeling and emotions, particularly when it comes to purchases.

So, a piece of copy will work because of the FEELING the reader gets. It flies or falls based on that. You want to grab them at an emotional level. You want to emphasize the positive of course, and not lie, but leave out what would hurt the cause.