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WordPress Vs. SquareSpace: What’s the Right CMS For You?

Which to choose for your site?
Here’s a breakdown of each platforms and it’s advantages and disadvantages:


  • More powerful, flexible, expandable, can create any functions you want with plugins or by custom programming. Better for large complex sites and sites where functions will be added as time goes on.
  • Some themes and plugins are extra money.
  • More time (and therefore money) to set up, customize, program.
  • No central support but large user base so help can be found if you search in the right places.
  • Requires on-going maintenance, upgrades, backups.
  • Does not come with hosting, but can be hosted many places inexpensively.
  • WordPress is free software; it’s Open Source, so quality is not consistent, but means large community of users and programmers, plugins, themes, etc.


  • Much simpler to set up, modify styling, add content. Faster to get up and running. Very well-thought out, elegant and consistent design and interface, templates.
  • Excellent customer support (via email, forums, live chat)
  • High levels of customization are more difficult – the idea is to use their templates and just modify styling and add your content. Good for portfolios, brochure sites simple blogs, more static sites, simple online stores, small businesses.
  • Comes with relatively small number of elegant templates that are free (compared to WordPress’s thousands of varying quality, some free, some commercial)
  • Is a hosted solution: comes with hosting, software, maintenance – an all-in-one package – but is more expensive than just hosting ($8/mo. for “Personal”, $16 for “Business” with more than 20 pages) but they take care of it all for you.

Building a Plugin

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Content is King!

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